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  • AMD A10 7870K 3.9GHz Quad Core
  • MSI A88XI AC V2 Motherboard
  • 16GB Kingston DDR3 1866MHz
  • Crucial 250GB SSD
  • Cougar QBX Gaming Case
  • EVGA 500w 80+ Bronze
  • Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

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What to Bring to a LAN Party

Lanfest-Access-CardThis time of year for me is LAN season. As the weather gets cold, one of the gaming communities I belong to have their annual LAN party at a larger location over a weekend in October. It is also the time of year when we get together in smaller groups of 10 or 20 and have LAN parties at each others homes. Many new games are released in the fall. This year we have some LAN party plans for the new Star Wars Battlefront and also the new Call of Duty, Black Ops 3. With all this excitement about my upcoming travel to and from LAN Parties, I thought I would share the list of things I will carry with me, and how I prep, and make it easy on myself and others at the parties.

First and foremost, your PC or Laptop is the main thing you need for a LAN party – without it you are basically not going. Let’s cover a few things to do to prep your system. If I’m taking my PC tower, one of the first things I do is open it up and blow out the dust and make sure all screws are tight. I also make sure all wires are secure and won’t move into fans when I pick up the PC. Next, I boot up the system and make sure everything is working fine.

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